Who We Are

Stephanie Cornelius
Hairstylist & Certified Trichologist

A Carolina native, Stephanie Cornelius is a Licensed Cosmetologist and Certified Trichologist where hair and scalp health takes precedence. Stephanie has been creating flawless and gorgeous hair since 2006. 

With a passion for healthy hair from within, Stephanie is best known for hair transformations that don’t compromise your hair follicles. We love working with the novice women of color to help restore their hair, and start their healthy hair journey that can also be managed at home in between salon services. 

We have a relaxing salon atmosphere where we pride ourselves with one on one attention and care with our clients. We also strive for timely services that won’t have you in the salon all day. 

At The Hair Mayven it is our mission for you to feel valued, respected, appreciated, that your request are being heard and you walk away feeling renewed. 

Welcome to The Hair Mayven where haircare is our top priority!